Yee-King Adaptive - sound



I am an electronic musician as well as a drummer. I have released several records, and have done many gigs... Here is a little selection of things I have made in the last 20 years:

Something done on a Commodore Amiga with Octamed, using built in synth chip plus some low grade drum samples, 1997:

Popular track released on Aphex Twin's Rephlex records (made around 1998) Amiga again, plus a rubbish Roland LA synthesis job:

Noisy breakcore (yeah I invented break core, maybe ha ha) 2000 ish drums processed through reaktor (`generator', back then), sequenced with a tracker:

The Bavin years 2002-2005 ish two person electronic improv, 3 TR606s, SH09, tape delay, vdrums, MPC2000, access virus, PD, worst live set up ever etc. etc :

We have steel knight's helments with LED eyes:

Nasty algo techno (2005 ish) supercollider with live drum pad 'controllerism':

First (last??) time sounds made with genetic algorithms made it onto vinyl, 2008. Also some fairly strenuous FM synthesis work:

Afrobeat with melody made out of brain waves 2008 music of the mind project with Finn Peters SuperCollider, BCI, instruments:

Virus from the music of the mind project, sub-bassline generated from midi feedback, some supercollider synth patterns:

Live coding with flautist (CMJ DVD 2011/12 I think) a slow builder. but it gets there in the end, Supercollider:

Korg MS20 improvisation 2013:

Playing drums with live coding superstar Alex McLean at an Algorave in 2014:


Yee-King Adaptive - sound