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I record my solo work under the name 'Yee-King'.

-->Livecoding at Make Art 2008, Poitiers. . My livecoding is improving. Now I can deliver an 'old school computer music work out'. Note that I was projecting my screen and typing madly throughout this piece!
-->Live at Sabbaco, Tokyo 2008. A live extract of a gig with Gideon Juckes on Tuba+electronics, Tetsumi on Trumpet+electronics and Jimanica on drums+electronics. Recorded at the wonderful 'Sabbaco' bar in Tokyo, April 2008. Thanks again for the PSU, Tetsumi-san!

-->Karploid, 2007. Made with something like KS physical models.

-->Automatic melancholic, 2006. This track features an early version of my algorithmic melody generator, which is triggered by my roland v-drum pads and written in supercollider.

-->Rolling ring mod, 2006. This track features algorithmically generated sounds being triggered by the roland v-drum drum pads whilst I play them live.

-->Fairly dramatic piece made by mucking around with comb filters.

-->Lots of quivering sine waves. Additive synthesis using supercollider running on GNU/Linux.


-->Apocalyptic - I wrote this rather epic track in 1998 and it was released in 2000 on Trash records. I was still using an Amiga 1200 + Octamed for sequencing at this stage.

-->Random Jazz - a track from 2001, first time I used supercollider, as you can tell from the spectrally poor synth sounds. I was quite excited by the random note thing t the time.

-->A track from 2000, didn't get round to giving this one a proper title. How about 'hands going up the keyboard in the slightly dramatic middle'?

-->Jazz smells funny, from my (find it if you can) Trash album called 'Fat Drunk Dead' and 'Suprematic Urges'. Distorted breaks etc.


-->Goodnight Toby, from my album 'SuperUser'. This track also featured on the Rephlex Records 'Rephlexions' compilations

-->Oops Corp, from my EP, 'The Egg Abuser EP' on Bug Klinik

-->Spine in Bap, from my album 'Suprematic Urges' on Trash records.


Yee-King Adaptive - yee-king